Statistical information is published at the end of June 2020 of the OAAC sector, which was made up of 16 General Deposit Warehouses and 8 Exchange Houses (CC).

General Deposit Warehouses (AGD)

  • Assets were located at $ 22,915 million pesos[1] (mp), in June 2020, with a growth of 13.7% in real annual terms.
  • The loan portfolio is the main asset by amount, it was located at $ 6,034 million pesos, with a real decrease of 5.1%; represented 26.3% of assets.
  • Liabilities reached $ 17,649 million pesos, with a real annual growth of 17.8%. Where bank loans and loans from other organizations reached $ 10,038 million pesos, with a real increase of 13.7% and a participation of 56.9% in total liabilities. For their part, stock market liabilities were $ 5,153 million pesos, with a real annual growth of 26.1%, representing 29.2% of liabilities.
  • The net result as of June 2020 was $ 194 million pesos, 21.3% lower in real terms than that of June 2019. The return on assets measured in terms of ROA (accumulated at 12 months) was 2.08%, and the return on Capital measured with ROE (accumulated at 12 months) was 8.41%.

Exchange Houses (CC)

  • Assets were located at $ 1,100 million pesos in June 2020; they grew 5.2% in real annual terms.
  • Cash and cash equivalents are the main asset and stood at $ 413 million pesos, with a real annual increase of 72.1%; represented 37.6% of assets as of June 2020.
  • Liabilities were $ 298 million pesos, with a real annual decrease of 0.7%. Where bank loans and loans from other organizations were $ 39 million pesos, with a reduction of 62.8%, on the other hand, shareholder loans had a balance of $ 50 million pesos, with a decrease of 1.4%.
  • The net result was $ 95 million pesos, higher by 102.6% compared to 2019. The return on assets, measured by ROA was 10.89% and the return on equity measured by ROE was 15.25%.

[1] The amounts are presented in millions of current pesos (mp), except when otherwise indicated. The growth rates correspond to variations in real terms, with the exception of those corresponding to indicators, which are expressed in percentage points (pp). Also, in some cases, the sums of the variances and the totals may not match due to rounding of figures.