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Bank of Russia issues commemorative coin of precious metal


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On 1 October 2020, the Bank of Russia issues a commemorative silver 3-ruble coin ’Centenary of the Foundation of the Udmurt Republic’ (Catalogue No. 5111-0434).

The silver coin (fine precious metal content 31.1 g, fineness 925) has a round shape and is 39.0 mm in diameter.

The obverse and reverse sides of the coin have a relief rim along the circumference.

The obverse of the coin features a relief image of the national emblem of the Russian Federation and the inscriptions ‘РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ’ (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) and ‘БАНК РОССИИ’ (BANK OF RUSSIA), the coin denomination ‘3 РУБЛЯ’ (3 RUBLES), the year of issue ‘2020 г.’ (2020), the chemical symbol of the metal according to Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, fineness, the St. Petersburg Mint trademark, and fine metal content.

The reverse of the coin bears the following images: the coat of arms of the Udmurt Republic; images of the main building of the Izhevsk arms factory, the monument ’Friendship of Peoples’, and St. Michael’s Cathedral, laser treated for matte finishing; a relief image of a young couple in traditional Udmurt costumes standing by the river; along the circumference there are inscriptions: ‘УДМУРТСКАЯ РЕСПУБЛИКА’ (the Udmurt Republic) at the top and ‘100 ЛЕТ’ (100 years) at the bottom right, written in two lines.

The edge of the coin is corrugated.

The coin is minted in proof quality.

The mintage of the coin is 3.0 thousand pcs.

The new coin is legal tender of the Russian Federation and is mandatory for acceptance for all kinds of payments without any restrictions at its face value.

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Abbreviation: CBR
Jurisdiction: Russian Federation

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