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The following individuals have been added to OFAC’s SDN List:

ATABEKAU, Khazalbek Bakhtsibekavich (Cyrillic: АТАБЕКАЎ, Хазалбек Бахцібекавіч) (a.k.a. ATABEKOV, Khazalbek; a.k.a. ATABEKOV, Khazalbek Bakhtibekovich (Cyrillic: АТАБЕКОВ, Хазалбек Бахтибекович)), Belarus; DOB 18 Mar 1967; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

BALABA, Dzmitriy Uladzimiravich (Cyrillic: БАЛАБА, Дзмітрый Уладзіміравіч) (a.k.a. BALABA, Dmitriy Vladimirovich (Cyrillic: БАЛАБА, Дмитрий Владимирович); a.k.a. BALABA, Dmitry (Cyrillic: БАЛАБА, Дмитрий)), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 1972; POB Haradzilava, Minsk Oblast, Belarus; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

BARSUKOU, Alyaksandr Pyatrovich (Cyrillic: БАРСУКОЎ, Аляксандр Пятровіч) (a.k.a. BARSUKOU, Aliaksandr; a.k.a. BARSUKOU, Alyaksandr; a.k.a. BARSUKOV, Aleksandr; a.k.a. BARSUKOV, Aleksandr Petrovich (Cyrillic: БАРСУКОВ, Александр Петрович); a.k.a. BARSUKOV, Alexander), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 29 Apr 1965; POB Vetkovski District, Homyel Oblast, Belarus; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

DMUKHAYLA, Alena Mikalaeuna (Cyrillic: ДМУХАЙЛА, Алена Мікалаеўна) (a.k.a. DMUHAILO, Elena; a.k.a. DMUKHAILO, Elena; a.k.a. DMUKHAILO, Yelena Nikolaevna (Cyrillic: ДМУХАЙЛО, Елена Николаевна); a.k.a. DMUKHAYLA, Alena (Cyrillic: ДМУХАЙЛА, Алена)), Belarus; DOB 1971; nationality Belarus; Gender Female (individual) [BELARUS].

IPATAU, Vadzim Dzmitrievich (Cyrillic: ІПАТАЎ, Вадзім Дзмітрыевіч) (a.k.a. IPATAU, Vadzim (Cyrillic: ІПАТАЎ, Вадзім); a.k.a. IPATOV, Vadim; a.k.a. IPATOV, Vadim Dmitrievich (Cyrillic: ИПАТОВ, Вадим Дмитриевич)), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 30 Oct 1964; POB Kolomyya, Ukraine; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

KARAEU, Yuriy Khadzymuratavich (Cyrillic: КАРАЕЎ, Юрый Хаджымуратавіч) (a.k.a. KARAEV, Yuri; a.k.a. KARAEV, Yuriy (Cyrillic: КАРАЕВ, Юрий); a.k.a. KARAEV, Yuriy Khadzimuratovich (Cyrillic: КАРАЕВ, Юрий Хаджимуратович); a.k.a. KARAYEV, Yuri), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 21 Jun 1966; POB Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

KUBRAKOU, Ivan Uladzimiravich (Cyrillic: КУБРАКОЎ, Іван Уладзіміравіч) (a.k.a. KUBRAKOV, Ivan (Cyrillic: КУБРАКОВ, Иван); a.k.a. KUBRAKOV, Ivan Vladimirovich (Cyrillic: КУБРАКОВ, Иван Владимирович)), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 05 May 1975; POB Malinawka, Mahilyou Oblast, Belarus; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

NAZARANKA, Yuriy Henadzievich (Cyrillic: НАЗАРАНКА, Юрый Генадзьевіч) (a.k.a. NAZARENKO, Yuri; a.k.a. NAZARENKO, Yuriy Gennadievich (Cyrillic: НАЗАРЕНКО, Юрий Геннадьевич)), Minsk, Belarus; DOB 17 Apr 1976; POB Slonim, Belarus; nationality Belarus; Gender Male (individual) [BELARUS].

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Abbreviation: OFAC
Jurisdiction: United States

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