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Challenges and opportunities for financing from the capital market


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The vice president of the National Securities Commission (CNV), Mónica Erpen, today urged “to continue disseminating the financing opportunities offered by the capital market”, that “despite situations as critical as the one we are going through with the pandemic and its consequences , in October it grew 25 percent “in the Small and Medium Enterprises (PyMEs) segment.

Erpen participated in the virtual conversation “Financial keys: challenges and opportunities in Argentina”, together with the managers of Capital Markets and of Garantizar’s Corporate Partners, Rosana Montarcé and Julia Erlich, respectively; the pro-treasurer of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, César Tortorella, and the economist and specialized journalist Julián Guarino.

The activity emphasized proposing the vision and analysis on the current situation of the economy, financial markets and investment alternatives, and in this line, the “new normal” was analyzed in the sense of understanding what the keys are being for development in a pandemic context.

In this regard, Erpen stressed that even despite the current crisis, “SME financing grew and last October it added 25% more than the previous year.” According to the latest published CNV report, the accumulated total for 2020 represents 32%.

On the digitization and instrumentalization, Erpen added that the Guaranteed NOs “point to federalization” and added that “there is an over-demand that generates a very important potential for this product in the future.” In this regard, he stressed that the CNV is doing work to review and simplify existing procedures.

Referring to prospects, Erpen emphasized the need to continue to “make known”, in terms of financial education, the opportunities offered by the capital market. For this, he remarked “we must promote access to knowledge and information, which is also part of sustainability and inclusion.”

“The global trends that new generations have been developing demand socially and environmentally sustainable finance and the CNV is making room for these proposals,” Erpen concluded.

Erlich, manager of Garantizar’s Corporate Partners, referred to the great demand from SMEs that “were able to adapt to the new business opportunities that Garantizar SGR offers despite the fact that the work has become 100% digital.”

Montarcé, Capital Markets Manager at Garantizar SGR, said that this year “digitization and the instrument of Guaranteed ON much consulted have been strong”, given the advantage of being built by the same SME through issuance prospects; which extends repayment terms, targets multiple recipients and is a simple online procedure.

Tortorella, deputy secretary of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, said that as entrepreneurs they see a “recovery” since they analyze that there is a “large amount of loans for SMEs, which raises expectations.” Although he stressed that “entrepreneurs are optimistic, they are also concerned about high taxes and labor costs.”

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