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CMF alerts investors and the general public about an entity called “Mastery IM Academy” or “IMarkets Live”


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June 3, 2020 – The Financial Market Commission (CMF), pursuant to its mandate and the objectives of safeguarding the public interest and the confidence of market participants, alerts investors and the general public about an entity called “Mastery IM Academy,” also known as “IMarkets Live.” Said entity, according to the information available on its website, sells educational services associated with investment training in financial markets, shares, forex and currencies, among others. This is done through mobile platforms or applications where virtual transactions of these products are carried out.

The Commission states that “Mastery IM Academy” is not a supervised entity and is not listed in the CMF’s Registry of Brokers and Securities Dealers. Therefore, “Mastery IM Academy” is not authorized to provide securities intermediation services in Chile under the provisions of Article 24 of Law No. 18,045. Said provisions include purchasing and selling securities, authorized services, and other complementary activities provided in the regulations.

Regulators in Spain, Peru, France, the United Kingdom and Italy have also raised similar alerts, which you can consult on the CMF website – a special alerts page is available for investors, policyholders, and banking customers. Interested parties can check whether a company or person offering financial products or services is supervised by the CMF, review alerts made by the CMF and other foreign regulators about unregulated entities or activities, and other important advice for the protection of investors, policyholders and financial customers.

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