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CMF announces extension of timeframe for submission of annual financial statements


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March 24, 2020.- The Financial Market Commission (CMF) announces an extension of 15 additional calendar days to the timeframe observed by supervised entities to disclose and submit their 2019 annual financial information to the CMF during March. This measure aims to provide greater flexibility to the financial system due to the impact caused by the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

It shall be the responsibility of the Administrator or the Board of Directors of each supervised entity to assess the circumstances affecting its staff or external audit firm, as well as disclosing and sending the aforementioned information to the Commission as soon as possible. If the assessment concludes that the entity will not be able to meet the new timeframe, it shall promptly inform the CMF and provide information on the circumstances justifying such a conclusion.

The regulatory details are available on the CMF website.

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