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CMVM orders Artur Trindade to immediately suspend duties at OMIP and OMIClear


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CMVM has today notified Artur Álvaro Laureano Homem da Trindade, OMIP – Pólo Português, SGMR, SA, OMIClear CCSA and the remaining managers of each of these entities, of a precautionary measure that imposes Artur Álvaro Laureano Homem da Trindade to immediately suspend the duties of Chair of the Management Board of OMIP – Pólo Português, SGMR, SA and Vice-Chair of the Management Boad of OMIClear C.C. S.A.

Following the analysis of the facts presented in the five charges received within the scope of the hearing of the interested parties and the elements already determined by the CMVM, as well as the underlying risks by remaining in office, the CMVM makes the suspension of duties effective, as provided for in its notification of 21 September.

This provisional and precautionary measure aims to ensure, for reasons of public interest, that Artur Álvaro Laureano Homem da Trindade preventively abstains from carrying out administrative duties in those entities until a decision is reached in the administrative proceeding for adequacy assessment, including suitability for carrying out said duties, which also began on 21 September.

The CMVM upholds that there is well-founded doubt on the suitability of Artur Álvaro Laureano Homem da Trindade for carrying out the regulated posts he holds, thus, undermining the essential confidence of investors and other economic agents in the efficient functioning of the markets, and posing a risk to the stability of the financial system, which is even more relevant when it involves a management company of a regulated market, a clearing house and central counterparty, all of which are fundamental structures for the regular functioning of capital markets.

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Abbreviation: CMVM
Jurisdiction: Portugal

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