• At the end of September 2021, the ICAP of brokerage houses stood at 29.53%, which represented a monthly increase of 1.67 percentage points (pp).
  • All brokerage houses in operation were placed in Category I of early warnings because they meet the minimum capitalization requirement of 8% plus the capital conservation supplement of 2.5% constituted with fundamental capital, which means a higher ICAP to 10.5%.
  • Category I of early warnings indicates that the institutions are sufficiently capitalized to face unexpected loss scenarios, therefore no immediate supervisory actions are required in relation to their solvency.

In order to keep the public informed about the solvency of the institutions that make up the brokerage firm sector, the CNBV makes known through its Internet portal, www.gob.mx/cnbv, information on capitalization indices and the classification of institutions in early warning categories.