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Coronavirus has mobilised fraudsters – watch out for phishing attempts!


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In the state of emergency, cases of attempted fraud have increased. The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) would like to remind you of ways to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Attempted fraud takes place through email, social media and scam sites disguised as web news, for example. Fraudsters also use traditional communication channels, such as phone calls and text messages.

Ignore uncertain contacts, do not click strange links or open attachments to suspicious emails.

Follow known and trusted sources, such as official channels, for information on the coronavirus. Banks, insurance companies and other service providers supervised by the FIN-FSA will communicate about their services on their own websites and via their customer service channels.

Remember, public authorities and banks will never ask you to disclose your personal information via a phone call, email or text message. In addition, you will never be asked to sign in to online and mobile services via links sent through such channels. Personal information includes, for example, online banking credentials and payment card information.

Further information is available via the FIN-FSA’s service number

The service number +358 183 5250 is open Monday-Friday 9.00–16.00 (Maundy Thursday and New Year’s Eve 9.00–13.00), and will assist callers to find information from already published material and provide further guidance.

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The corresponding Finnish-language news release was published on 20 March 2020.

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