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CVM board approves technical cooperation agreement with ABCripto, involving financial education and innovation


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The Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) approved, on 5/23/2023, a technical cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Association of Cryptoeconomics (ABCripto).

The purpose of the agreement is to develop actions aimed at financial education and the creation of campaigns and educational materials for the population on new financial technologies, in particular decentralized finance (DeFi) and other applications related to cryptoeconomics, blockchain and investments in digital assets.

The focus is on the advancement of financial, regulatory and sustainable finance innovation. The agreement – includes collaboration with laboratories and innovation platforms established or supported by the institutions -, as well as with CVM’s experimental regulatory environment, in addition to studies, research, educational actions and other technical support initiatives.

“This partnership will strengthen teacher training, promote understanding of the digital economy and provide learning opportunities for vulnerable youth. In addition, the collaboration between institutions aims to encourage the introduction of new technologies and foster an environment conducive to innovation financial. We are excited about the possibilities and the future impact that this agreement can bring to the job market and entrepreneurship.”

Nathalie Vidual, CVM’s Investor Protection and Guidance Superintendent (SOI).

Regulatory Sandbox

In addition to educational initiatives, the agreement also provides for strategic collaboration with CVM’s Sandbox Committee, pursuant to art. 10 of CVM Resolution 29. The work plan also includes the development of technical support actions with ABCripto associates and the market in general, seeking a greater scope of application of the Autarchy’s norms and guidelines.

“The idea is to help understand the regulatory requirements of the CVM, such as, for example, crowdfunding rules, offers and organized markets, which may be applicable to exchanges issuing fixed income tokens”, explains Bruno Gomes, Superintendent of Supervision of Securitization (SSE) of the CVM.

The Market Development Superintendence (SDM) works with SOI and SSE to manage the agreement. The Superintendent of the area, Antônio Berwanger, highlighted the importance of the initiative.

“Through this partnership, we seek to strengthen security and transparency in operations, in addition to fostering the healthy development of the securities market. We are committed to promoting a favorable regulatory environment, driving innovation and sustainable growth in the sector”, said Berwanger .

Main activities

The agreement will enable collaboration to offer knowledge and structure for the development and insertion of technology in the capital market, including initiatives related to research and studies, in addition to the possibility of organizing and participating in events.

Educational actions are also planned on topics related to cryptoeconomics, with a focus on guidance and consumer awareness campaigns against fraud.

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