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CVM issues 19 new Resolutions related to Decree 10,139/19


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The Superintendence of Accounting and Auditing Standards (SNC) of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) issues today, 6/15/2022, 19 Resolutions. The measure is part of the work of reviewing and consolidating normative acts below the decree, determined by Decree 10.139/19. 

 Heads up 

The rules come into force on 7/1/2022.  

It is important to note that the new rules consolidate existing normative acts, without changes in merit . Therefore, without any modification to what was already being applied by the issuers . As a result , the edited Resolutions were not submitted to public consultations. 


Compliance Cost Project 

As part of specific actions involving the review and consolidation of rules, the CVM has been, since November 2017, carrying out extensive work to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance among capital market participants. The main focus of this initiative is to increase the efficiency of regulation, without disregarding the risks that such actions may represent for the protection of investors, the CVM’s main mandate, and the maximization of economic well-being resulting from full, efficient and integral competition between its participants. 


More information 

Access CVM Resolutions 136 to 154 . Also check out other acts related to the review and consolidation of normative acts issued by the CVM . 

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Abbreviation: CVM
Jurisdiction: Brazil

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