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CVM promotes specific changes in the rules for processing administrative proceedings


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The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) edits today, 02/10/2022, CVM Resolution 65, which amends CVM Resolutions 45 and 46, which regulate, respectively, the rite of procedures related to sanctioning action within the scope of the CVM and the processing of non-sanctioning administrative processes within the scope of the Collegiate.

Inclusion of deadline for returning visa application

Part of the changes introduced deal with the proposal submitted to Public Hearing 07/21 , referring to the inclusion of a period of 60 working days for the return of the process by the member of the Collegiate who has requested views, encompassing both sanctioning and non-sanctioning processes .

As this is a low-impact change of an administrative nature, with effects restricted to the Municipality’s internal scope, RIA was not carried out.

Other changes

CVM Resolution 45 was also amended to make a punctual adjustment related to the process of drawing lots, in line with the provision contained in the CVM Internal Regulations . As this is a one-off, low-impact regulatory change of an administrative nature, the change was not submitted to the RIA or public hearing.

Heads up

CVM Resolution 65 comes into force on 3/2/2022.

More information

Access CVM Resolution 65 .

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