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CVM warns of irregular offers


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Esos International Ltd – Ainvestments and Aronex Corporation Ltd – 2Invest are not authorized by the Municipality

The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) Superintendence of Market and Intermediary Relations (SMI) alerts the securities market and the general public about the irregular performance of Esos International Ltd – Ainvestments and Aronex Corporation Ltd – 2Invest.

The technical area detected indications that companies are irregularly attracting customers to carry out derivative transactions in the so-called Forex markets (Foreign Exchange) and CFD (Contract for Difference).

With that, SMI issued the Declaratory Acts 18,209 and 18,210, to inform that the two cited companies do not have authorization from the Municipality to attract customers residing in Brazil, as they are not part of the distribution system (art. 15 of Law 6,385 / 76).

CVM determination

CVM determined the immediate suspension of the performance of any public offering of securities intermediation services by those involved, directly or indirectly, including through the use of internet pages, applications or social networks.

Measure in case of non-compliance

If they do not adopt the determination of the Autarchy, companies will be subject to a daily fine in the amount of R $ 1,000.00, each one.

Attention, investor!

If you are an investor or receive an investment proposal from these companies, contact the CVM through the Citizen Service (SAC). Inform as much details as possible about the offer and the identification of the people involved. With this, the Municipality will be able to act more quickly and directly in the case.

About the Forex market

The operations carried out in the Forex and CFD markets involve, respectively, negotiations with foreign currency pairs, revealing the existence of financial instruments through which exchange rates and asset price differences are traded between the time of their acquisition and their stipulated maturity. . So, these characteristics shape the definition of a derivative contract and, consequently, the legal concept of security.

What is the CVM Stop Order?

The issuance of a Stop Order (suspension) is a precautionary measure. The objective is to prevent or correct abnormal market situations detected by the Municipality. Therefore, it should not be confused with the penalty of the indicated people.

In the case of infractions, the penalty requires the conclusion of an administrative sanctioning process with a condemnatory decision.

More information

Access the CVM Declaratory Acts 18,209 and 18,210.

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Regulator Information

Abbreviation: CVM
Jurisdiction: Brazil

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