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Director of Intelligence at the ISA, Avi (Aviezer)Dannon, Appointed as General Secretary of the Israel Securities Authority; in place of the retiring Meir Bakalinik


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This week Director of Intelligence at the ISA, Avi (Aviezer) Dannon, was also appointed as General Secretary of the ISA. Avi Dannon will replace the retiring veteran Secretary, Meir Bakalinik, and will act concurrently in both positions.
The ISA General Secretary is, in fact, a senior Manager of the aforesaid organization. His duties include financial management of the ISA, collection of fees, management of supplier contracts, management of the ISA’s offices, financial reporting to other governmental institutions, management of human resources and the ongoing professional training, licensing of advisers and control over the examination system, enforcement of the ethical code and Freedom of Information Act; the General Secretary is also responsible for the safety and security at the offices of the Israel Securities Authority.
Meir Bakalinik (70), who is about to retire, held various positions in public administration for 47 years and was appointed to the poison of the ISA Secretary in 1989 by Eliezer Shiloni, who was the organization’s Chairman at the time. Prior to the aforesaid appointment Mr. Bakalinik was Deputy CEO for organization and management at the Airport Authority, Manager of Human Resources at the Broadcasting Authority, Adviser to CEO for organization and Human Resources at the Second Broadcasting Authority.
In 1988, Avi Dannon (48) M.B.A, from Tel Aviv Universityhad created the ISA’s Intelligence Department and has acted as its director ever since. The Department consists of working groups that include accountants, lawyers, economists and information specialists with background in intelligence – who collect and examine current information pertaining to the capital market and complete the aforesaid data with analysis and additional information, which is done by means of singular computer tools that were developed particularly for this purpose, as well as in order to reach conclusions and develop potential modes of action. Mr. Danon is also a member of the team preparing integrated intelligence evaluations which amalgamate and standardize all collected information for the inter-organizational committee of law enforcing organizations acting to curtail serious financial crime.
“Meir Bakalinik had created the existing management system at the ISA, he also upgraded it during the years in order to allow the ISA to carry out its many complex and ever changing functions in the best possible way, and for that I would like to express my appreciation”, said Mr. Moshe Tery, the Chairman of the ISA, “Mr. Bakalinik had contributed greatly to this organization and will go on supporting it even after his retirement”.
Regarding the incoming Secretary, Mr. Tery said: “Avi Dannon is a talented and experienced manager and I trust his ability to carry out both roles equally intelligently and efficiency”.
Mr. Terry wished both men success in their future endeavors.

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