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Dr. Mohamed Omran was Chosen as “Ai Capital Markets Personality of the Year” in Africa


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Omran: The choice affirms the appreciation of the international community for the efforts being exerted in Egypt
Omran:  The choice is a new confirmation of the importance of the steps taken to reform investment climate in Egypt
Omran: The coming period will witness the launch of an ambitious strategy to develop the non-banking financial sector
Omran: We aim to activate the role of the financial sector in the service of development and achieve access to finance for all in order to reach high and sustainable growth rates

Africa Investor (AI) – the leading international investment organization in Africa awarded Dr. Mohamed Omran, EFSA’s Acting Chairman and former Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) the Ai Capital Markets Personality of the Year award for being the most influential figure in the continent’s financial markets and for appreciating his efforts in developing the Egyptian and African Capital Markets in recent years. This came during a ceremony held in the NASDAQ in the presence of a large number of officials of international financial institutions and investment funds in addition to numbers of Stock Exchanges’ Chairmen and officials of African Capital Markets and the Vice President of the NASDAQ.

The award is one of the most prestigious awards to be awarded annually to the most influential and accomplished figure in Africa, where competition takes place among a large number of African Capital Markets. The organization   emphasized that  the award was given to Dr. Omran after  the nomination of the Advisory Committee, which consists of 14 international experts from the world’s largest financial institutions, including ArunmaOteh, World Bank Vice President, GeofreyLipman, former Assistant Secretary-General of the of U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and Jim O’Neill,  former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management And Mr. Nicolas Firzli, the Director-General of the World Pensions Council (WPC), as well as a number of current and former presidents of a group of Africa’s largest banks such as the African Import and Export Bank  (Afreximbank) and Ecobank.

The committee’s decision based on the efforts exerted by Omran in recent years to develop the regulatory and legislative structure of the Egyptian Capital Market and create an attractive environment for investment based on transparency, fairness and protection of investors’ rights, in addition to his contribution at the regional and international levels in supporting sustainability applications, especially through United Nations sustainability initiatives.

The committee also reviewed Omran’s efforts at the African level in terms of his role in promoting investment in Africa as well as efforts to develop African markets’ standards  to cope with international practices through his membership in the Board of Directors of the Federation of African Stock Exchanges, as well as his chairmanship of the Union’s Standards Committee, that is besides his regional role in the Federation of European and Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS)  where he was the Chairman  for two consecutive terms after Turkey’s monopoly of this post for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Mohammed Omran expressed his happiness for this high level of appreciation ,  where he was the first Egyptian to receive such award, stressing that this honor is not only for his person, but is a clear appreciation of the efforts and developments witnessed in the Egyptian financial market as a whole in recent years.  He added that focusing from the beginning to work according to a clear methodological strategy helps to accomplish such achievements on the ground.

Omran stressed that the award also reflects the positive world view of the great developments witnessed by the Egyptian economy at the level of investment climate as a whole. He added that the whole world see that Egypt is an effective and successful model for reform programs. He emphasized that he will exert every effort to develop the non-banking financial sector in Egypt during the coming period. At the same time, he asserted that “the focus should not only be on achieving high growth rates for the sector, but more importantly, activating its role in the service of the economy and development plans,” adding that the opportunity is ripe for launching the non-banking financial sector in Egypt if a clear and ambitious strategy is developed for this sector as it is in many countries that have experienced boom in their financial sector.

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