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Dr. Shlomit Zuta Appointed Chief Economist of the Israel Securities Authority


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Dr Shlomit Zuta, from the School of Businesses Administration at Tel Aviv University, has been recently appointed Chief Economist of the Israel Securities Authority.
Dr Zuta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theoretical Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research, from Tel Aviv University. She received her PhD in Financing, on the subject of consolidations, acquisitions and demerger, from the University of New York. For a number of years she was a lecturer at the University of New York, Maryland University and the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzeliya; she has been lecturing at the Department of Financing at Tel Aviv University since 2001. During the last years she initiated and taught courses in management, on the subject of investment abroad, as part of the qualification studies in Management at Tel Aviv University.
During the years Ms. Zuta was also engaged in various business activities, alongside the development of her academic career. She acted as adviser to IBM USA, as director in the underwriting company “Omega New Partners”, was a member of the Investment Committee and Provident Fund Committee at Tel Aviv University and a Director at the UNION BANK OF ISRAEL LTD. (Bank Igud) – a post she resigned about a year ago. Until recently she also acted as director at “Tsur Shamir” and a member of the Investment Committee at “Makefet Vatika” Mutual Fund.
During the last few months Dr Zuta had acted as the external adviser to a team, created by the ISA, engaged in crystallizing ideas to increase diversity of financial instruments on offer as well as the supervision over them.
Dr Shlomit Zuta will take office next week.

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