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EBA has issued updated validation rules package, implementation of automatic control of reporting obligations at the template level, and DPM 2.9 FINREP workbooks downloadable from the Jakelu Distribution Service | EBA


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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has issued a revised list of validation rules in its Implementing Technical Standards, which apply to the reporting of credit institutions, investment firms and fund management companies.

DPM version Pcs Deactivated validation rules
2.7.0 6 v0193_m, v1026_m, v1058_m, v5113_m, v5114_m, v5115_m 2 v0501_m, v0503_m
2.9 45 v3091_m, v7334_m, v7335_m, v7405_m, v7406_m, v7408_m, v7409_m, v7411_m, v7412_m, v7414_m, v7415_m, v7417_m, v7418_m, v7420_m, v7421_m, v7422_m, v7425_m, v7431_m, v7432_m, v7433_m, v7475_m, v7482_m, v7781_m, v7905_m, v7906_m, v7907_m, v7908_m, v7909_m, v7910_m, v7911_m, v7912_m, v7913_m, v7914_m, v7915_m, v7916_m, v7917_m, v7918_m, v7919_m, v7920_m, v7921_m, v7922_m, v7923_m, v7924_m, v7925_m, v8450_m 1 v7329_m

More information on EBAs website.

The Financial Supervision Authority has extended the automatic checks on the receipt of reports to cover the verification of template-specific reporting obligations. The amendment rejects a report sent to the FIN-FSA at the receiving stage if it does not meet the scope of reporting obligations at the template-specific level.

The amendment applies to the following reporting levels: 201, 205, 210, 213, 214, 221, 222, and 260.

Further information:

EBA ITS Reporting

ITS reporting obligations template-specific, DPM 2.8

ITS reporting obligations template-specific, DPM 2.9

DPM 2.9 FINREP workbooks are downloadable from the Jakelu distribution service. DPM 2.9 -version will be used in FINREP reporting from 30.6.2020 onwards.

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Abbreviation: FIN-FSA
Jurisdiction: Finland

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