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EFSA’s Chairman signed the “Statement of Investor Rights” – Monday 10/4/2017


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• EFSA and CFA Society Egypt launch the “Statement of Investor Rights”
• Egypt participates with countries all over the world in adopting “Uphold investors’ rights initiative”

Sherif Samy – EFSA’s Chairman signed the “Statement of Investor Rights”  which was prepared by the CFA Society Egypt in support of the “Uphold investors’ rights initiative” launched by the CFA Society in Egypt in conjunction with many countries all over  the world and it will last until 22 may 2017. This global initiative aims at raising awareness and uniting investment experts so as to put the interests of investors before other considerations.

Sherif Samy emphasized that the Statement of Investor Rights was launched and it includes ten rights expected by the investor from the providers of financial services.

Ahmed Abou Elsaad – President CFA Egypt revealed that  during this month CFA all around the world will extend their cooperation with governmental and non-governmental bodies to uphold investors’ rights, organize events and launch campaigns to raise awareness of investors’ rights , especially in the Capital Market.

He pointed out that the initiative’s launch is under EFSA’s auspices and came in the light of the Authority’s efforts to regulate the Egyptian Capital Market, enhance its stability, increase its competitiveness and transparency, and protect investors’ rights in order to attract more local and foreign investments which is consistent with the objectives of the CFA society that promotes values of integrity, transparency and professionalism in the market.

Statement of Investor Rights

Upon obtaining services from financial institutions and professionals in the financial sector, I have the right to:

1. Be treated fairly and ethically with a conduct that is characterized by efficiency and commitment to laws in force.

2. Obtain independent, objective advice and assistance according to knowledge-based analysis, wise decisions and persevering efforts.

3. My financial interests set before the interests of the Corporation and those whom I deal with in the financial sector.

4. Fair treatment compared to other clients.

5.  I should be informed of any conflict of interest upon providing products and services to me, whether this conflict exists or most likely exists.

6. Understand my circumstances so that any advice provided to me will be appropriate and based on my financial objectives and constraints.

7. Clear, accurate and complete communication in a timely manner, using simple and clear language and offered in a form that effectively conveys information.

8. Explain all fees and charges I incur, and using information which shows that these expenses are fair and reasonable.

9. Keep my information confidential.

10. Having adequate records to support the work performed on my account

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