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Explanatory note regarding MCDR Chairmanship Elections


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In light of the Authority’s keenness to practice its regulatory and supervisory role and in respect of the rulings issued by the Egyptian judiciary and in connection with MCDR chairmanship elections that were scheduled to be held on Monday 2/7/2018,

And pursuant to the decisions of the Administrative Court in the urgent part of case No. 46959  of  72  dated  30/6/2018, and  the judgment issued on 2/7/2018 by the same court in case No. 47937 of  72  ruling the implementation of  the  judgment  issued on 30/6/2018  in case No. 46959  of  72 and its impacts thereof , and the ruling  issued on 2/7/2018 by the same court in case No. 47942 of 72 regarding the objection  no. 47942 of 72  filed by Mr. Mohamed  Soliman  Abdulsalam  to  reject the objection submitted  by him to stop the implementation of the  decision issued by the Administrative Court in case No. 46959 of  72  in the session dated  30/6/2018 referred to.

Consultant Reda Abdel Moaty – FRA’s Deputy Chairman revealed that FRA’s BOD decision excluded the name of Mr. Mohamed Soliman Abdulsalam from the candidates’ lists and the impacts thereof pursuant to the judicial ruling referred to above.  In addition, FRA assigned MCDR Board of Directors to call for the company’s Ordinary General Meeting to select the Chairman of MCDR  Board of Directors by 30/7/2018.

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Abbreviation: FRA
Jurisdiction: Egypt

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