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From investor confidence to recovery and passing through security: What marked WIW 2020


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The World Investor Week 2020 (WIW 2020), a global IOSCO initiative coordinated in Portugal by the CMVM, had the highest number of initiatives among the Portuguese public, benefiting from the commitment and involvement of its usual eight partners and invited entities – financial supervisors, associations representing the financial sector and the regulated market’s management entity -, which broadened target audience miscellany and deepened reflection on issues such as regaining investor confidence, the role of the capital markets in economic recovery, the prevention of digital fraud, cyber-security and financial sustainability.

The 13 initiatives carried out during the WIW 2020 with an almost entirely digital format, had over one thousand participants. The WIW’s website registered over 25 thousand views between 16 September and 11 October, whereof 5% in the English version. YouTube channel had circa 2,800 views. On social media, interest was shown in promoting financial literacy and investor protection. WIW publications on LinkedIn and Twitter exceeded 66,600 and 22,600 impressions, respectively, while Facebook reached approximately 5,000 people.

Throughout WIW 2020 with its slogan “First know how, then invest”, the CMVM relaunched the Investor Area available on its website by reorganising and increasing contents, namely on fraud prevention, particularly digital fraud and publishing a specific brochure and an explanatory video on the subject. The CMVM has also promoted other initiatives such as, advice for investors on applying their savings in financial markets.

Main themes such as demography, pensions and retirement savings marked the commencement of the Week’s activities, in a session promoted by the Portuguese Association of Insurers (APS).  The Open Banking Day, organised by the Portuguese Banking Association had three sessions on basic investment notions, aimed at bank customers, university students and seniors.

The debate and analysis of ethical dilemmas in finance was this year’s WIW invitee, CFA Society Portugal’s proposal, for the participants in the initiative. Savings, investment and confidence were the focused issues: (i) the “Invest talk” promoted by APFIPP and Euronext in conjunction with MoneyLab, which was attended by almost one thousand people; (ii) at the e-conference of the Association of Companies Issuing Securities Listed on the Market on the culture of organisations, their purpose, ethical behaviour, sustainability and investor confidence; and (iii) at the Banco de Portugal session on the contributions that the central bank, with its various functions, can have on the confidence of economic agents.

The role that financial analysis plays, namely in this crisis, in supporting investor options and management decisions was discussed at the APAF session. The importance of reports and accounts, performance benchmarks, the importance of transparency and professionalism for investor confidence were also discussed.

With the increase in investment offers over the internet, the PNFF and the General Directorate for Education took the topic of cybersecurity in financial transactions to WIW, discussing risks, behaviours and available tools.

The CMVM’s annual conference, which this year was part of the WIW 2020 programme, was dedicated to reflecting on the role of the capital markets in the recovery and the financing of the economy. It took place in a mix format, with about 100 participants in person, at the Museu do Oriente, and more than 200 registered for online attendance. During the conference, the José Luís Sapateiro Prize for its 20th edition was also delivered, and applications for the 2021 edition are currently in progress.

At a closed session for 11th and 12th grade high school students of Colégio Amor de Deus, the three financial supervisors, ASF, Banco de Portugal and CMVM spoke, within the scope of the National Plan for Financial Education, on how to save and subsequently testing the knowledge students had acquired during the session.

In closing the WIW 2020 activities, the CMVM organised a talk on sustainable finance between the Chair, Gabriela Figueiredo Dias and a group of about 50 university students. Student asked questions during an hour and half on the challenges facing the financial system, reporting, measuring compliance of requirements and rules and legislation at national and European level.

The sessions of the World Investor Week can be viewed on the YouTube channel or on the WIW 2020 website. Contents shares pertaining to the Week may also be viewed on the Facebook page.

The global initiative promoted by IOSCO – World Investor Week – included regulators and stakeholders from over 100 countries this year, for spurring activities and actions focused on the investor, their protection and financial education, especially in the context of Covid-19.

The CMVM’s partners in this initiative are the Association of Companies Issuing Securities Listed on the Market (AEM), the Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts (APAF), the Portuguese Banking Association (APB), the Portuguese Association of Investment Fund, Pension Funds and Asset Management (APFIPP), the Portuguese Association of Insurers (APS), the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF), Banco de Portugal (BdP)and Euronext Lisbon.

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