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ISA Chairwoman Appoints Ilan Gildin as ISA’s Chief Economist and Strategic Advisor


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The Hiring Committee, headed by ISA Chairwoman, Anat Guetta, and whose members include ISA representatives and public representative Prof. Ben Zion Zilberfarb, approved Ilan Gildin for the position of ISA Chief Economist and Strategic Advisor.

For the past five years, Gildin has served as the macro-economist of the investment division of Amitim – The Defined Benefit Pension Funds. In this capacity, Gildin led the development of the organization’s macro-economic forecasts, investment strategies in major markets, and in-depth research on the impact of technological innovations on investment patterns.

Gildin began his professional career as an officer in the Unit of the Financial Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff (the Budget Division of the Ministry of Defense). Gildin was also involved in the defense budget negotiations with the Ministry of Finance and other government ministries, and was a member of the team that worked to secure parliamentary and government approval of the defense budget.

Gildin also served as a member of the Bank of Israel Economic Forecasters Forum and the Chief Economist of the Ministry of Finance. In addition, Gildin lectures at the School of Economics, the Collage of management, and has received awards for his outstanding achievements in Amitim and the College of Administration.

Gildin holds a graduate degree in diplomacy and business management from Tel Aviv University, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Haifa University.

ISA Chairwoman, Anat Guetta, noted: “I welcome Ilan to the ISA team. Alongside his professional experience and expertise in global capital markets, Ilan has demonstrated a forward-looking vision and refreshing perspective that aligns with the goals we have set to develop a conceptually advanced, innovative, and attractive capital market”.

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