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Joint work of CNV with issuers and institutional actors to generate a menu of good corporate governance practices


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More than 150 representatives of broadcasters, chambers, civil associations and universities met summoned by the National Securities Commission (CNV) to analyze a menu of good corporate governance practices, within the framework of a management agenda that includes joint work with the counterparts involved in the stock market and institutional actors.

The opening of the meeting, held remotely, was led by one of the agency’s directors, Matías Isasa, who alluded to the initiatives the agency is working on and highlighted the importance of building a strong, inclusive and sustainable that contributes to the economic reactivation of the country.

“Good Corporate Governance practices are built jointly between the regulator and other capital market players, in a way that we work on every day,” Isasa said.

The main objective of the meeting was to provide the broadcasters with an explanation of how the monitoring of the report of the new Corporate Governance Code, updated by RG 797/2019, will be carried out. To this end, a draw was made for eight companies, with respect to which their reports will be monitored for three years.

In turn, the professionals in the area of ​​Corporate Governance and Investor Protection explained the initiatives in which they are working, including the holding of remote assemblies, an impact report and their final regulations.

On the other hand, they alluded to educational documents on sustainable finance in which the CNV works, which consist of a series of guides for responsible investment; issuance of social, green and sustainable bonds, and another on external evaluators for this last issue.

They also reported on a series of financial inclusion initiatives with a gender perspective, such as the preparation of a statistical series on the entire value chain of the capital market to have information disaggregated by gender, age group, area of ​​residence, among others. variables, and that they will seek to make visible the participation of investors in the local market.

In this same sense, they anticipated that in collaboration with other areas of the National Government, they are working on a voluntary survey for all regulated entities to have a diagnosis on gender matters and on the preparation of a guide to good practices related to equality and the inclusion in the contents of training programs


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