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New log-in method for periodic reporting replaces reporting card


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On 18 August 2020, FI will introduce a new log-in method for periodic reporting filed via an application on the computer and that previously required a card and card reader. The new method requires users to log in using Bank ID.

The reporting cards will be used until the new method is in place. In August, a new version of the locally installed application will be available. This version must be installed in order for the new log-in with Bank ID to work. More information about this will be provided later.

Creating accounts in the Reporting Portal

The new log-in method will be part of FI’s Reporting Portal. An authorised signatory and the persons who will file the information need to create user accounts in the portal, if they have not already done so for the periodic reporting that is already filed online. Once the persons who will file information have created a user account, the authorised signatory can delegate authorisation to them to file reports on behalf of the company.

More information is available at About the Reporting Portal.

Register the company in the Reporting Portal

Companies that have not previously filed periodic reporting via the online tool need to register the company in the Reporting Portal. Swedish companies register by providing their corporate identification number (CIN); all necessary information is then retrieved from the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Foreign companies register by submitting a form. For more information about registering companies, see page 8 of “Instruction Manual Reporting Portal – Authorisation” that can be found at About the Reporting Portal.

Reporting card and Bank ID

During a transition period, both the old and the new log-in methods will function in parallel, i.e. it will be possible to log in using either a reporting card or Bank ID. At the beginning of September, the reporting cards will stop working. It is therefore important for rapporteurs to have registered themselves in the Reporting Portal and received authorisation prior to this.

Questions and support related to identification for reporting to FI

Additional information, the instruction manual and instruction videos are available at About the Reporting Portal. If you have any questions, please contact Reporting by telephone at +46 8 408 980 37 (weekdays 9AM–11AM) or by email at [email protected]

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