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New: Receive Email Alerts for Posts from Selected Regulators and Topics


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Regulatory.News users can now subscribe to email alerts for posts from specified regulators or tagged with selected topics. This new functionality gives users another way to track the latest regulatory developments.

After you subscribe to alerts, you’ll receive an email each time we publish or update a post that matches your regulator or topic preferences. Read on to learn about how to subscribe to alerts, modify your alerts, and provide feedback on alert enhancements you’d like to see.

Subscribing to Alerts

To subscribe to alerts:

1. Navigate to any jurisdiction, regulator, or topic page and click Subscribe to Alerts. You’ll be prompted to log in or register, if you have not already done so.

The Subscribe to Alerts button, as shown on a jurisdiction page.

2. In the subscription form that’s shown, enter your details and select the regulators and/or tags for which you would like to receive email alerts.

In the subscription form, you’ll enter your details and select the regulators and tags for which you would like to receive email alerts.

3. You’ll receive an email to confirm your subscription.

4. After confirming, you’ll begin receiving email alerts when a post that meets your subscription preferences is published or updated. Alert emails show the post’s title, the subscription preference that prompted the alert, the post’s content, and links to the original source and post on Regulatory.News.

A sample email alert for the AMF FR regulator category.

Viewing and Modifying Your Email Alert Preferences

You can view or modify your alert preferences at any time from the My Account area. To view or modify your alerts:

  1. Log in to Regulatory.News and click My Account in the upper-right corner.

2. Go to the My Alerts tab to see your current regulator and tag subscriptions, and to unsubscribe or subscribe from alerts.

Future Enhancements

Our email alerts feature is in beta and we welcome feedback related to current functionality and future enhancements. Please feel free to contact us or to send comments to [email protected].

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