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Portuguese capital markets benchmarks – October 2020


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In October, the PSI-20 Index closed at 3,945.12 points, reflecting a 3.0% downturn than in September and a 22.9% decrease than that recorded in the same period in 2019. The key issuers on the Index were EDP Renováveis (16.41), EDP (15.34%) and Galp (10.02%).

The Index’s volatility was 20.68%, above that of 18.42% of the previous month and 9.48% of that recorded during the same period last year.  

The value of spot secondary market transactions amounted to €1,841.6 million. This is a €186.4 million (11.3%) increase than in September and €493.6 million (21.1%) less than in October 2019.  The trading volume on Euronext Lisbon amounted to €1,841.5 million. This reflects a 11.3% monthly upturn and 16.7% down surge during the same period. ​

The trading volume in debt securities on MTS Portugal amounted to €13,507.0 million in October, representing a monthly increase of 20.1% and Treasury Bills increased by 42.5% and Treasury bonds dropped 8.6%. 

Market capitalisation of Euronext Lisbon amounted to €215,109.9 million. This corresponds to an increase of €461.8 million (0.2%) than in the preceding month and 0.6% more than in the corresponding period. The share sector decreased by 0.5% down to €59,066.7 million, while the bonds sector increased by 0.6% up to €155,644.8 million.

​​The amount under management in the undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities and alternative investment funds rose 1.0% in September apropos August up to €13,229.9 million. In real estate investment funds and special real estate investment funds, the amount remained the same at €10,418.1 million.

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Abbreviation: CMVM
Jurisdiction: Portugal

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