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Retail investment boom continues in stock market


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In the third quarter of 2020, brokers acquired another 1.6 million individual clients, having set a quarterly growth record. As before, banks providing brokerage services attracted by far a majority of clients. The number of individual investment accounts (IIAs) topped 2.9 million, of which 525 thousand were opened in the third quarter alone, according to Bank of Russia records.

The value of assets in IIAs grew by 39.6 billion rubles to a total of 285.5 billion rubles. Brokerage accounts currently carry 12.7 trillion rubles of assets, of which 1.3 trillion rubles were a gain for the past quarter alone.

Trust managers may view the third quarter as the year’s best so far. The value of trust assets rose 9.1% in the period, rising upwards of 1.4 trillion rubles. Trust managers enabled to acquire some 79.3 thousand clients, all of them individuals. The number of their clients totalled almost 480 thousand.

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Jurisdiction: Russian Federation

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