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The CNV advances with the federalization plan of the capital market


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The National Securities Commission (CNV) took a new step in its plan to federalize the capital market, presenting today to a hundred representatives of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO) from all over the country the new collective investment instruments linked to real estate development and infrastructure works.

This is a new stage in its program of taking initiatives to various productive activities throughout the country. The president of the organization, Adrián Cosentino, had done the same during a remote meeting that brought together members of grain and commerce exchanges from all over the country, to whom he especially presented the characteristics of a new regime to promote regional economies and supply chains. value.

Within the framework of the federalization agenda, central to the management, Cosentino inaugurated the formation of a joint working table with representatives of the Buenos Aires Cereal and Commerce exchanges of Santa Fe, Rosario, Mendoza, Confederada, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, La Plata and Córdoba.

“Promoting more and a better market is only achieved with coordinated work with all the actors, the private and public sectors, and understanding the various financing needs to be covered and generating appropriate solutions to those requirements from the market,” said Cosentino.

During the meeting, all the initiatives implemented to promote productive financing that the CNV had already materialized were reviewed and the need to deepen their dissemination and promotion was agreed. In particular, the terms of the consultation published on September 25 regarding the promotion of regional economies and value chains.

Along the same lines, Cosentino spoke with the president of CAMARCO, Iván Szczech, and representatives of the entity from all over the country, about the opportunity represented by the new instruments launched by the CNV for the mobilization of resources from the market of capital to various sectors of productive activity and in all areas of the national geography.

The head of the CNV highlighted the initiatives in which they have been working in this regard and anticipated that all are being ordered in a federalization plan ”, within the spectrum of project construction and public works with private participation.

“We started with stock exchanges, markets and other benchmarks in the stock market with positioning in the provinces, we continue with you, central representatives of the construction activity to optimize it if we manage to spill into regional economies, provincial public works business spaces, municipal development agendas and other infrastructure projects, ”he explained.

During his presentation, Cosentino highlighted in addition to the dialogue with the construction sector that “we are living this very virtuous work process with satisfaction and expectation, at the level of political authorities and work teams.”

He urged “to deepen our efforts and share objectives that allow us to complement agendas and go for concrete results” and anticipated that it is a “much broader agenda to generate solutions that allow your activity, from the support of the market of capital, enhance all the capacity it has at a time when the macroeconomy demands from everyone in the best conditions.

Cosentino pointed out that “we have managed to put some of these ideas on the field, which are specific regulations, and we hope they will be able to promote actors to continue expanding their businesses.”

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