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The CNV at the II World Summit on Circular Economy held in Córdoba


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The director Matías Isasa spoke about social bonds and the accompaniment of the National Securities Commission (CNV) to the private sector in the productive processes through the capital market, during the international meeting that brought together some 35 thousand people.

Isasa participated in the panel on Public and private financing to design a sustainable future, together with representatives of ByMA, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Capital Balanz and The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG).
“Green, social and sustainable bonds are a reality, a concrete instrument that exists today in the world in general, and in our country as well. Today we have almost 30 bonds issued and listed and the interest of the companies that consult is very noticeable”, said Isasa.
He also remarked that it is “an instrument available to everyone, it is not necessary to think about it for the large company that invoices billions of dollars. Today there are issues from SMEs and civil associations, as well as large companies”.

The director highlighted the “great coincidence among all the panelists in highlighting the joint work of the public and private sectors” in order to achieve solutions that are “technically viable, that leave no one behind and that are truly sustainable in favor of a healthy planet for all.” ”.
The objective of this event is to promote the paradigm shift towards a circular economy to promote the sustainable economy of the region. The summit was organized by the Municipality of Córdoba through Ente BioCórdoba, with the support of the National University of Córdoba and the Government of the Province of Córdoba.

During two days, more than 70 speakers from Latin America, the United States and Europe, in addition to Argentina, experts in circular economy, and 190 public sector officials presented.
Other topics addressed were new business models, public policies, industrial alliances, access to financing and the creation of new green and inclusive jobs.

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