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the company FALCON BROKERI d.o.o. discontinues its business operations


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Published: 25 June 2020

At the meeting held today, the Board of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA) adopted a decision revoking the authorisation to conduct business issued to the company FALCON BROKERI d.o.o, from Zagreb, at the company’s request, and ordering the company to deactivate its website.

The company FALCON BROKERI d.o.o. informed HANFA of its intention to cease performing investment services and activities and informed its clients thereof. The company paid out the majority of the clients’ funds and provided HANFA with a list of the remaining persons who were not disbursed due to unavailability. After the termination of operations as an investment firm, the company will continue to operate as another company and undertakes to make payments to the remaining clients as legal successor.

Consequently, HANFA issued a decision revoking the company’s authorisation for the provision of investment services and related activities and ordering it to immediately upon receipt of the decision, and no later than within eight days, deactivate the website at

In addition, at today’s meeting a decision was issued approving Mario Martinović and Lina Paurević to directly acquire a qualifying holding (representing a share of 17% for each) in the factoring company ESC Factoring d.o.o., from Zagreb.

After the acquisition, the company’s ownership structure will be composed of Hrvoje Turkalj with 49%, Mario Martinović with 17%, Lina Paurević with 17%, Ivan Jurišić with 12% and Dražen Jakšić with 5% share in the share capital and voting rights of the company ESC factoring d.o.o.

Furthermore, a decision was issued granting authorisation to Sanja Osojnik to perform the function of a member of the management board of the leasing company AGRAM LEASING d.o.o. from Zagreb, and a decision determining that the licence to conduct insurance distribution activities issued to Barbara Boronić Nikić, co-owner of the insurance representation craft UNA zastupanje u osiguranju, joint craft, owned by Dubravka Davutović and Barbara Boronić Nikić, ceased to be valid.

Regulator Information

Abbreviation: HANFA
Jurisdiction: Croatia

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