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The Financial Services Institute (FSI) launches a series of introductory meetings on a Masters Degree in Financial Markets and announces scholarships for applicants


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• Dr. Omran: Launching an initiative to urge financial institutions to provide annual scholarships for applicants to study masters in financial markets
• Hisham Ramadan: We aim to reach students of different universities and those interested in the field of finance and investment. We start with one hundred students from Cairo University to introduce the masters degree in financial markets
• Dr. Gamal Shehata: Cooperation with FRA to grant the Masters degree in financial markets strengthens the link between the academic and practical framework to meet needs of labor market

Dr. Mohammad Omran – FRA’s Chairman says that the Financial Services Institute is implementing one of the axes of FRA’s comprehensive strategy for the non-banking financial sector (2018-2022) related to developing skills and raising the efficiency of those operating in this sector. He adds that economic ambitions were the motivation behind introducing new non-banking financial instruments in the Egyptian market, including the Futures Exchange. That is besides issuing one of the most important amendments to the Capital Market Law promulgated by Law No. 17 of 2018 with the aim of achieving diversity in traded financial instruments and their derivatives, in a way that attracts more investments in the Egyptian market.

Dr. Omran says that the Authority is working hard to increase the efficiency of the markets it regulates and supervises by introducing new and advanced training programs in financial engineering and focusing on providing the scientific and applied foundations for financial derivatives. Also, he adds that for the first time in the MENA region, a Master in Financial Markets is granted in cooperation with the IEB Institute one of the three most important schools specializing in financial markets in Spain. He notes that the Master in Financial Markets is supported by the scientific partnership of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It will be implemented by a team of international lecturers inside FSI’s headquarters at the Smart Village.
This came during the inauguration of the first introductory seminar on the Masters program in Financial Markets held at FRA’s  Headquarters in the Smart Village with the participation of Dr. Gamal Shehata – Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University.  The seminar was attended by students of the last year at Cairo University who are interested in finance and investment.  During the seminar, the students were connected with officials of the Spanish Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB) who answered their inquiries via Zoom application.

During the meeting, Hisham Ramadan – FSI  Executive Director expressed his hope that the Master’s program in financial markets offered by the Financial Services Institute  – the training arm of the Authority – in partnership with the Spanish IEB Institute, which is supported by the Madrid Stock Exchange will attract the largest number of university students.
Ramadan indicates that the implementation of the roadmap set by the Authority to activate Futures Exchanges depends mainly on preparing and qualifying the technical staff and developing their skills. He adds that FSI is looking forward to localizing international scientific programs in the field of finance and capital markets with a focus on practical and applied training in futures trading.

Ramadan says that the master’s program in financial markets is designed mainly for the postgraduate stage and it targets university graduates, especially those with financial and investment experiences, as well as those who are deep in the field of mathematics. Also, the Authority allows access to the master’s educational program to a large number of concerned people. He adds that FSI will announce a competition to provide a number of partial scholarships for distinguished applicants during the coming period.  That is besides providing several solutions to enable other students to join the program in coordination with the Unions and Federations operating in non-banking financial activities.

Dr. Gamal Shehata, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University expresses his happiness for participating in the opening of the first seminar on the master’s program in financial markets. Also, he appreciates the current cooperation between FRA and the Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University in providing training programs that include both academic and practical frameworks in partnership with FSI, adding that this will develop the skills of those operating in field of non-banking financial services.

Dr. Gamal also indicates that its time to provide our students with scientific certificates based on professional qualification by professional experts in financing and not neglecting the academic side at the same time.
Dean of the Faculty of Commerce adds that FSI was able to achieve this goal by facilitating the study of a Master in financial markets and granting it in Egypt for the first time in the Middle East by the Spanish Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB). In this respect, the Egyptian student within that educational program will obtain the same professional details, research plan, practical case studies and anticipation of the surrounding business environment which is taught to students within the program in several European countries and in China and the United States of America.

It is worth mentioning that officials of the Spanish Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB) affirm that the educational program depends on transferring professionalism based on the academic side. The program  will extend over a period of 12 months, equivalent to about 500 hours of lectures starting from March 2021 to February 2022. 80% of the program will be held face to face at FSI headquarters in Cairo through lecturers from the Spanish Institute (IEB) and 20% of the program will be taught remotely (via the video conference).

For more information about the Master’s program in financial markets, please visit the institute’s website:
Or send inquiries to the following postal address: [email protected]
Or call the following numbers:
6040 600 0112
7674 2016

This news item was originally published by the Finance Regulatory Authority (FRA EG). For more information, please see the Source Link.

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