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Work agenda in the framework of the development of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion


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The CNV Board of Directors gave the green light to the action plan aimed at extending financial education on a federal basis

Within the framework of the Financial Inclusion Coordination Council (CCIF), the National Securities Commission participates in activities and projects designed to promote education and comprehensive financial inclusion that improve the living conditions of the population.

The Board of Directors recently approved the work plan prepared by the Investor Protection and Financial Education Sub-Management, led by the director Mónica Erpen, which configures the CNV’s participation in the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (ENIF) provided for in the Law 27,440 on Productive Financing.
In this sense, among the transcendental objectives of the aforementioned strategy are expanding and improving access to financial goods and services (savings accounts, credit, electronic means of payment and insurance); promote the use of electronic means of payment, savings accounts, credit and other services; improve the financial capabilities of the population and the protection of users of financial services; contribute to reduce social gaps, expand territoriality and federalization and incorporate a gender perspective, through improved access to financial goods and services.
The priority of all this work is the financial inclusion of vulnerable and excluded groups, the financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the promotion of the use of new technologies.
The CCIF is an interministerial body that is chaired by the Ministry of Finance and is made up of 14 areas of the State, as well as 15 governmental and non-governmental institutions participating as guests, and its main mission is the fulfillment of the objectives outlined by the ENIF.
One of the ongoing activities is the Guide for the Implementation of Financial Education Initiatives with a Gender Perspective, which will consist of general recommendations to incorporate the gender perspective in all financial education programs, projects or contents that are promoted both from the public and private sector.
Likewise, the CNV produces and provides financial education content through the different Working Groups that make up the CCIF to carry out dissemination and training tasks, in different instances and under different modalities, mainly on issues related to financing instruments available in the market. capital market, prevention of fraud and scams and rights of investors.
A central component of this task is the creation of courses and training for the community in general and for secondary school teachers.
At the beginning of this month, the CNV signed an unprecedented agreement for the training of secondary school teachers in Financial Education, together with the National Ministry of Education, the National Directorate of Financial Inclusion and Social Financing of the Ministry of Economy and the Bank Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).

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