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World Investor Week reaches over 1.2 million people in Brazil


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The campaign had 2,064 initiatives in Brazil; see CVM initiatives

THE semanates from the Investor World (World Investor Week – WIW 2020), with support from the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), 2,064 initiatives, the vast majority online. In total, 1, 2 million people were affected through 315 events (lives, webinars, lectures, podcasts, radio interviews and training), 187 financial advisory sessions (individual meeting) and 1,562 marketing actions (social media posts and email marketing).

Among the highlights of the CVM are the launches of the CVM Digital application, of My financial wellbeing website It’s from CVM Notebook nº 15: Day Trade, in addition to the CVM Booklet 2 – Bookkeeping, Centralized Deposit and Custody of Shares.

Another novelty was the beginning of Financial Welfare Program: Multipliers, which seeks to register people and professionals interested in becoming enablers of financial education in public or private institutions.

The first event of the World Investor Week was the opening ceremony of the stock exchange in honor of WIW and was attended by the presidents of CVM, the Stock Exchange of Brazil (B3) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). On the occasion, a partnership was announced between the CVM and the IDB.

Innovation Lab

The themes of sustainable finance and financial innovation were part of WIW. The Innovation Laboratory (LAB), of which the CVM is a part, promoted events involving topics such as tokenization, sandbox and gender equality in the financial market.

Worldwide Campaign

IOSCO Chairman and CEO of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Ashley Alder, noted that the campaign was a huge success thanks to the continued efforts and commitment of members to investor education and protection, especially during these challenging times .

“Higher levels of participation and the growing variety of investor-focused activities this year mean that World Investor Week has an increasing impact.”

Paul Andrews, IOSCO’s Secretary General, praised that more IOSCO members and stakeholders have actively participated through virtual and online tools to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Given the growing importance of investor protection as the financial markets continue to evolve, this campaign should continue to expand.”

President of the IOSCO Retail Investors Committee, José Alexandre Vasco, is also pleased with the results:

“I would like to thank all WIW participants and supporters for their enormous efforts to raise awareness about the importance of education and investor protection. I look forward to reporting the results of the campaign and I believe that the results will provide valuable inspiration for work in this very important field. ”

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