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Yael Almog from Tel Aviv’s District Attorney Office (taxation and an economy) appointed as Senior Adviser to the Chairman of the ISA and as Director of International Department


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Yael Almog, Attorney at Law from the District Attorney’s Office in Tel Aviv (taxation and economy), was recently appointed Senior Adviser to the Chairman of the ISA and Director of International Department of the Israel Securities Authority. Almog will replace Lisa Haimovitz, who filled these positions during the last years and had announced her intention to retire from the ISA, about two months ago, in favor of joining the private sector.
Yael Almog (38) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Tel Aviv University and a Master’s Degree in Law from Columbia University, NY. In the early 90’s Almog was an intern with Meni Mazuz, at the Supreme Court Department of the State Attorney’s Office, and had assisted the future Attorney General in representing the State in petitions to the Supreme Court. In 1995, she moved to the Securities Department of Tel Aviv’s District Attorney Office (taxation and economy). At fist she was an intern with Eti Doitch, who headed the department, and later became a full staff member. As part of her work she represented the State and the ISA in cases related to offenses under the Securities Law. Some of the major cases handled by her include: the State of Israel vs. Shlomo Isenberg (fraud and offenses under the Securities Law); the State of Israel vs. Josef Greenfield (manipulation and insider trading); the State of Israel vs. Tal Fudim (stock pushing on the Internet), etc. In the period between 1999 and 2004 Yael Almog had taught at Haifa University, Law Faculty, lecturing on Securities Law and was elected an Outstanding Fellow Lecturer a number of times.
Ms. Almog is also known as a media personality with rich and varied experience. At the end of 1980’s and the beginning of 1990’s she was a writer, producer and editor with Galiey Tzahal radio station and the daily newspaper “Haaretz”. She also presented many television programs including “Toses” (Channel 1), “Basket in the living Room” (Sports Channel), “Action” (Channel 2), “360 Degrees” (National Geographic) and “G10” (Channel 10).
She is expected to take the new office in a few months.

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